Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Beyonce and the Black Friesian

Beyonces new song "Who Runs the World (girls)" was probably one of her worst singles. The tune is annoying and the lyrics are awful, however her music video is a real eye catcher. It has one of hollywoods most eye catching equine actor the Friesian. The video has a handful of animals in it from lions to hyena's. When I worked on Evan Almighty i was informed that there was only one working hyena in the business and in the video Beyonce walks two of them on a leash, and from what I can see she is not actually walking them its two film plates they where both filmed seperatly.

A lot of the Blogs are saying Beyonce looked so poised and flawless on the horse well I think otherwise. Although the horse looked like he hit every mark and of course she did do good considering. when the video starts out she is riding the horse through a desert like setting with a tight camera angle trailing her. She then walks the horse into frame and rears him. It looks amazing, however from a horse standpoint she looks scared. She covers it great but I definitly see it. As she rides the horse she is holding the reins in her right hand and griping the saddle with her left. People that hold the horn fear they will fall off. In the rear she also points her toes that are in the stirrup down, and her legs are far back. Someone that does this has a fear of falling off as well.

Aside from the critique I give her props for doing it. It takes a lot of guts to something like that, so you go girl. Also I would like to praise the horse for his performance. Its hard for some animals to perform when the rider or trainer has no experience. That's what makes them Equine actors.

Check out the video