Monday, May 31, 2010

Best Animated Horses

Horses in films don't always consist of real flesh and blood, some of the best horses come as animated ones. Some of my favorites are listed below.
How could I not mention My Little Pony's. They're the greatest animated horse stars of all time.

The Hunchback of Norte Dame has Achilles, Phoebes horse. Achilles might be the horse star in the film, but Frollo's horse who's name is never mention, but in the commentary it's snowball, is a big black friesian. One of the greatest one liners is when Phoebes walks off screen and says " Achilles, heel. " Great!

The Last Unicorn is one of the films that is not from Disney, but is one of my favorites.

Hercules along with the Last Unicorn hold the title for mystical horses. Pegasus is Hercules right hand partner, and one of the best in Disney history.

Sampson in Sleeping Beauty helped the prince rescue the beautiful Aurora, while also being the stubborn old nag.

I couldn't leave out Bullet in Toy Story. Great Pixar horse.

Mulan and Kahn are a great team. Kahn is of course one of my favorites, well because he's black. Softy for blacks.

The Road to Eldorado has one of the forgotten animated horses. Altivo was Cortez horse, and walks of the ship in quite a cartoon frame then relaxes when he joins the two adventurers to find gold.

Last but not least, the all time best animated horse film of all time is Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron. Spirit embodied the true mustang, and the livelyhood of the wild horse. Narrated by Matt Damon and music by Bryan Adams, made a great film.

Let me know what your favorites are!!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

LOST Question

My Only Unanswered LOST Question
(of course it has to do with a horse)

LOST is over and I'm truly devastated. Although all my questions about the entire show were answered I did however have one burning question. Who and where do that black horse come from. I have concluded my own explanation for it, but I guess I will never know the truth.

If your not a Lost fan then it is hard for you to even comprehend why I would desperately want to know this, and you will probably not really understand what I'm about to say.

Kate in one of the seasons is picking fruit in a tree when she looks up there is a black horse just standing there. This leads into one of the flashbacks showing her getting arrested, then the black horse is in the middle of the road causing The Marshall to swerve and she then escapes. Now when I thought that the horse on the island was a complete ma raze for her, Sawyer shows up and can also see the horse. Now since that episode the black horse never showed up again, and of course they didn't address it in the finale.

My conclusion is, like every other scenario on this island it just happened to be a coincidence. The man that worked for Dharma at the out post house had animals, he also had a little sorrel horse, so my only conclusion is that the horse came from there. But man what a gorgeous horse, I love the above picture of him with Kate. The horses name is Pearl, and lives in Hawaii. If you watch this episode, watch for the trainers hand in the top right hand side of the screen. Oops!

I guess this is something I will never know. Tell me what you guys think.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Brego Legendary Lord of the Rings Star undergoes Colic Surgery

Viggo Mortensen beloved pet and co-star was rushed to the Massey University Equine Hospital in New Zealand last week to have emergency Colic surgery. Veterinarian Ray Lenaghan, who is Brego AKA Uraeus caretaker and was also one of the accredited Vets on the Lord of the Ring Films, noticed the 22year old Dutch warmblood Stallion wasn't feeling well. While Viggo is off filming his movie Ray cares for the Horses and he noticed that Uraeus wasn't feeling well.

The horse turned out to have a tear in his bowel, which was making him very uncomfortable. Doctor and specialist Frederik Pauwels did a mid-line incision to find his small intestine to have a tear in his gut. They removed more then six feet of intestine to repair it. With a month of stall rest Uraeus will be fine.

Uraeus is a former sport horse sire and FEI-level dressage horse ridden by the late Lockie Richards. As most everyone knows Viggo purchased Uraeus who plays Brego and Kenny, the horse who played Hasufel. The two horses live with Ray and his wife Jane Abbott (who was Liz Tyler's stunt double on the white Lipizzaner) in New Zealand.



Based on the legendary Graphic novel of the mysterious Jonah Hex. The movie centers around a last resort gunslingin bounty hunter, who has been given an ultimatum that he can't refuse. His life and history as it appears is dipped with myth and legend. his only real human connestion is with the beautiful Megan Fox who plays the brothel, ass kickin chick, who has a history of scars as well.

You will expect tons of western horses in this film, but not your typical western with cowboys and Indians. Jonah Hex has a way of doing things and they aren't your everyday pistol shooting Cowboy. Head Horse Wrangler is the ledgenary Rusty Hendrickson. He has worked on a multitude of horse films all the way from Dances with Wolves to Seabiscuit. Look forward to a unique comic book western.

The Eagle of the Ninth
This is a film that I'm really excited for. Based on the novel of the same name, set in the dangerous world of second-century Britain. 20 years after the unexplained disappearance of the entire Ninth Legion in the Scotland Mountains, Marcus Aquila played by Channing Tatum, goes to solve this mysterious disappearance. His Father was the commander of the Ninth, so it seems to be more of a personal mission. This is a mission/journey film as Roman Knights enter into a world of savage tribes.

As horses go I have only heard of a little on the film, but there will be some fight scenes, and Channing will be riding and fighting. How I feel about that is undetermined. Until I see him I will not put it past him on his capability on riding, so we'll see.


Review coming soon

Will it disappoint?

Will Jake Gyllenhaal Delivery as an Equestrian?

Will the Black Friesian Measure up to the amazing Bucephalas?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Horse Film Review

Robin Hood
Vehicle Film

I'm going to say up front before I continue with the horse part of it and regardless of what the critics say this was a fantastic film. Coming from a film horse trainer and a script supervisor, I fell in love with it. Ridley Scott is a superb filmmaker, and painted a masterpiece with this film. Yes his other film are better, but man putting Russel Crowe on a horse is never a bad thing.

His masterpiece of course for me starts with the amazing equines in the film. This is not your typical Mythical Robin Hood story, its a real dictation of England and France and the altercations between them and how one man named Robin Longstride, formally known as Robin from the Hood, captivates his people and charges into battle with the men that stay loyal to him. Of course I believe European Films have some of the most beautiful horses, and of course Robin Hood should be a film carried by its horses.

Russel Crowe rides a beautiful Lipizzaner horse, from what I saw was played by 3 very specific and similar horses. I dab Russel Crowe one of the top riders in the film industry. He took my breath away literally...amazing ability. For those of us that do ride you might think that swinging a sword and holding a shield and having over 100 pounds of armour looks like an easy thing, well its completely not. Working with some of the top horse trainers in the film industry, they say its one of the hardest things to teach and only the truly talented can pull it off.

The lead white Lipizzaner was not the only stead to carry the film. Robin rides with three other guys played by Scott Grimes(ER) and Alan Doyle. The two of them rode two very exquisite Friesians. Little John played by a very funny actor Kevin Duran(LOST, 3:10 to Yuma) rides a buckskin Andalusian looking horse. In the beginning of the film the White Lipizzaner who belongs to King Richard runs free through the woods. I believe that this is not the hero horse (hero in film terms means the main horse or object used) that Russell uses, due to the smaller frame, he was basically the Liberty horse. Godfrey played by actor Mark Strong seen in films like Sherlock Holmes, The Young Victoria, and Stardust rides a beautiful Black Andalusian. He is a small horse but has some great shoots in the film. Mark Strong is also a good rider, and delivers a great performance as always. Of course there is the beautiful maid Marian played by the amazing Kate Blanchett, who Ridley displays as a hard working naturally beautiful women. She rides a very large bay Hanoverian looking guy, him and Kate looked great together.

Some scenes to watch for are of course the epic battle scene on the beach, but they have the French ships that invade the English shoreline and one of the ships has the soldiers and their horses. The camera gets low and shoots the horse jumping from the ships onto the ramp and into the water, it was such a cool shot. I really enjoyed a scene with actor William Hurt who works with a bay/brown Andalusian working with some different classical dressage moves. This is a very refined scene.

You can't make a medieval epic film that doesn't have some statuesque horses, its a given, but this one has moved up to one of my all time favorites. The actors delivered amazing riding abilities, the horses hit there marks and the tack and scenery looked stunning.

Check out more on the other animals in the film at Animals in Cinema

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Robin Hood countdown

On the heels of Robin Hood I thought I would bring you some of my favorite Knights and their trusty Steed's. Ridley Scott and Russel Crowe are teaming up again for the realistic story of Robin Hood. Robin Hood rides through the waves and rolling hills of Nottingham, on a gorgeous White Horse.

There are some great Medieval movies out there but the ones with that partner relationship between knight and rider are my all time favorites. Horse and rider charging into battle, with no care if they will come out alive, just completely devoted to one another.
Heath Ledger in a Knights Tale didn't necessarily ride into battle but he did have a very trustworthy stead that jousted with no fear. A Draft Mix that belong to a little girl played the hero horse to William Thatcher. From what we see on the film he comes off to be a very calm and laid back guy, I can't say the same for the other horses in the film that the production had quite a hard time with. The Bay draft had no double horses and did everything without a hesitation.

Although Heath Ledger played a more realistic character as William Thatcher, Viggo Mortensen plays Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and has an extremely motivated steed in Bergo. After production of the films Viggo had such a real connection with this Bay horse that he ended up buying him. On his days off him and the horse would just take off and ride for hours. The film portrays a mystical connection between him and the horse where Bergo finds Aragorn almost dead by the river. Bergo helps Aragorn up to save Middle Earth.

Another very mystical Horse that helps a Knight is Pegasus in Clash of the Titans and I'm talking about the more resent film where Pegasus is played by a black Friesian. Although the traditional Pegasus is in the original movie they hid the real horse and by putting a deco fake horse at such a distance there was never really a real horse there. This massive, breathtaking ( and yes he took my breath away) horse stole the movie for me. Even if Sam Worthington didn't get along with the horse they seem to have great chemistry on film. If we are talking about Pegasus we have to talk about Unicorns and there is one knight that used a unicorn into battle. Peter and the Unicorn from The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe charged into battle un tacked. Ice is the young Andalusian named that played the unicorn and Peter played by William Moseley trained hard to ride with no saddle and bridle. With time he pulled it off and Ice helped him along.

King Arthur and Lancelot are some names that pop into our head when we think about Knights and their horses, and there have been some fantastic films when it comes to that concept. First Knight staring Richard Gere and Sean Connery is a film that show a close bond between horse and rider. Richard rides a very thin almost Andalusian looking black horse. At one point in the film he whistles to him and he comes running from out of the woods. I love this film because it also portrays Arthur's love for horses, which is something I have always thought about him and how he admires his horses. King Arthur the film from 2004 staring Clive Owen as King Arthur, show some incredible riding from this round table of actors, and not one of them have ridden before. This is some of the most talented riding I have seen from any actor in a film. Clive rides a very high strung white horse that I feel gave a little character to King Arthur and his horse.

Alexander the Great has the most powerful horse of all time, the most legendry horse of all time. A horse that some say protected him till his death in battle. The great Bucephalus. Giant, black beast that only Alexander could ride. Alexander notice the horse was scared of his own shadow and in return consumed the horses trust. Colin Farrel plays Alexander and who I have proclaimed the best rider in Hollywood, because a majority of the battle sequence he is riding bareback with a sword and shield, amazing! Bucephalus is played by a powerful black friesian and what some say is an actual scene this horse really rears up in front of a giant elephant how is also rear up facing him.

Knights love their horses they are their way of conquering titles and fights. A good horses means everything. In Gladiator Maximus, he gets them taken away from him when taken in to the arena but he expresses his love for them and how he got them branded into his chest plate. In the beginning of the film he goes into battle with a gorgeous horse Brown horse, dripping with armour.

My favorite barbaric knight has to be William Wallace, who shows us his untamed equestrian talent riding into battle on his bay horse. Although he uses a couple different horses he is the bravest. All these knights are brave and their horses trust them with their life, and this is what make for such powerful bond and epic battle scene.