Friday, May 28, 2010


Brego Legendary Lord of the Rings Star undergoes Colic Surgery

Viggo Mortensen beloved pet and co-star was rushed to the Massey University Equine Hospital in New Zealand last week to have emergency Colic surgery. Veterinarian Ray Lenaghan, who is Brego AKA Uraeus caretaker and was also one of the accredited Vets on the Lord of the Ring Films, noticed the 22year old Dutch warmblood Stallion wasn't feeling well. While Viggo is off filming his movie Ray cares for the Horses and he noticed that Uraeus wasn't feeling well.

The horse turned out to have a tear in his bowel, which was making him very uncomfortable. Doctor and specialist Frederik Pauwels did a mid-line incision to find his small intestine to have a tear in his gut. They removed more then six feet of intestine to repair it. With a month of stall rest Uraeus will be fine.

Uraeus is a former sport horse sire and FEI-level dressage horse ridden by the late Lockie Richards. As most everyone knows Viggo purchased Uraeus who plays Brego and Kenny, the horse who played Hasufel. The two horses live with Ray and his wife Jane Abbott (who was Liz Tyler's stunt double on the white Lipizzaner) in New Zealand.