Saturday, May 29, 2010

LOST Question

My Only Unanswered LOST Question
(of course it has to do with a horse)

LOST is over and I'm truly devastated. Although all my questions about the entire show were answered I did however have one burning question. Who and where do that black horse come from. I have concluded my own explanation for it, but I guess I will never know the truth.

If your not a Lost fan then it is hard for you to even comprehend why I would desperately want to know this, and you will probably not really understand what I'm about to say.

Kate in one of the seasons is picking fruit in a tree when she looks up there is a black horse just standing there. This leads into one of the flashbacks showing her getting arrested, then the black horse is in the middle of the road causing The Marshall to swerve and she then escapes. Now when I thought that the horse on the island was a complete ma raze for her, Sawyer shows up and can also see the horse. Now since that episode the black horse never showed up again, and of course they didn't address it in the finale.

My conclusion is, like every other scenario on this island it just happened to be a coincidence. The man that worked for Dharma at the out post house had animals, he also had a little sorrel horse, so my only conclusion is that the horse came from there. But man what a gorgeous horse, I love the above picture of him with Kate. The horses name is Pearl, and lives in Hawaii. If you watch this episode, watch for the trainers hand in the top right hand side of the screen. Oops!

I guess this is something I will never know. Tell me what you guys think.