Friday, May 27, 2011


Orlando confirmed He Will Return as Legolas

Peter Jackson reported on Facebook that Orlando Bloom will reprieve his role as Legolas in the Hobbit. Orlando went through intense training while filming The Lord of the Ring movies. He trained in fighting and of course horse riding. He pulled off a great performance in the three films. He mostly rode the big white draft horse with Gimili riding along with him, and we are bond to see him pull off some great riding skills in The Hobbit. We not only have just seen him ride in the LOTR movies, but in others. The LOTR films helped him to a great career and prepared him for great horse roles to come like Troy, Kingdom of Heaven, and Ned Kelly where riding a horse was crucial.

I look forward to Orland returning to Middle Earth and hoping back on a horse.

Orlando Bloom with the Pony Bill