Friday, February 19, 2010

Horses in Your Highness

I went to a screening of the comedy that will be released in October of "Your Highness." The film is set in Medieval times with some really remarkable horse actors. Its the story of two brothers played by James Franco and Danny McBride that set out on a journey to rescue the princess played by Zooey Deschanel. On their adventure they come across Natalie Portman, who joins them on their quest. The dialogue was great and very funny, and the actors fit their parts perfect.

The film is hilarious, but other then it being it hilarious, the horses were breathtaking in it. Tons of different breeds and colors. James Franco enters the movie on a gorgeous grey Andalusian. So beautiful and majestic, with his forelock draped in his face, he really fit the part. In the beginning scene Franco rides into the castle along with his knights. One of his knights played by Damian Lewis, who is a pretty big TV actor, rides in on a very angelic Black Friesian. This guy was a very thick Friesian, who had to be a stud due to the size of his body and neck. I thought this was a weird touch of film choice of horses for the two actors, because the Friesain towered over the Andalusian. But this was a comedy and James Franco played a very goofy guy.

The movie had some huge carriage scenes, but my favorite is an exquisite 4-up team of Freisians. It really took my breath away when they entered the frame. Later in the movie Damian rides his black Friesian through the woods after a 2-up team of Friesains galloping pull a very large carriage. How this horse moved was really refined and graceful. I could watched the whole movie over and over again if it was that horse gliding through the woods like he did in that scene.
Considering the movie was a real comedic mocking of the medieval times, it did some real justice to the steeds. I was thoroughly impressed!